Every Loveheart Bear is individually made to order from your choices, which guarantees that it will be a totally unique and personal gift - in fact they are so personal you might even want to send one to yourself!

Each Loveheart Bear comes with his own beautifully knitted sweater, available in a selection of colours. You then choose a heart motif from our Loveheart Selector which will be directly embroidered on the front. For an extra £5, add a Personal Message, in your own words, which will again be permanently embroidered on the back of his sweater.

Your Loveheart Bear is then carefully packed and sent off.

1. Select a Bear - Choose from our range of top quality bears all designed to withstand years of loving and hugging! Click on Send a Bear to begin the process.

2. Dress your Bear - Choose a sweater colour that suits your mood and your Heart!

3. Select a Heart - Choose a heart that reflects your feelings or best suits the occasion.

4. Add a Personal Message - If your heart doesn't quite say it all, we will embroider your own words onto the back of your Bear's sweater. See Personal Message for more details.

5. Delivery Options - Choose our inclusive free delivery, or select a priority service that matches your Bear's destination.

Personal Message

Your Loveheart Bear can be your own unique way of delivering a personal message to someone special. For just £5 we will embroider your carefully chosen words onto the back of your bear's sweater.

Your message can be up to 4 lines with a maximum of 14 letters per line (including spaces).

Stuck for something to say? Here are a few examples and occasion for which a Personal Message may be appropriate:-

Tell someone you love them or miss them

Wish them a happy birthday or anniversary

Congratulate them on a recent success

To say you are sorry

To say Thank You

To propose!

To tell someone how special they are

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